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Australian False
             Memory Association (Incorporated)

Membership and Support of AFMA

AFMA is a non-profit charity which receives no funding from government. Its only source of funding is membership fees and donations.

Some of the benefits of supporting AFMA are:

  • The knowledge that you are contributing to the solution of a tragic problem and helping families in the process. Families have been torn apart, desperately needing help in understanding the phenomenon, and with reconciliation.

  • Supporting the AFMA gives families, retractors of false memories, and professionals an opportunity to work together to seek answers to the recovered memory problem, and to remedy the devastating effects of false accusations.

  • Membership includes the receipt of the AFMA Newsletter, announcements of meetings, and assistance in finding answers to membersí questions.

AFMA is not an organisation that anyone would normally wish to join. None the less, the issues raised by recovered memory are too serious to remain unaddressed. Without such an organisation, there is nobody to independently raise public concern in a considered and informed manner.

Individuals remain isolated in the shame brought by the experience false accusation. They feel that they are subject to the presumption of guilt.

Please print and fill out the Membership Application Form or telephone the AFMA.


The AFMA is an organisation of extremely limited means, with many members who have been ruined by the devastation of false accusation arising from recovered memory.

Please send your donations by cheque or money order to The AFMA at the address below;

PO Box 74
Campbelltown SA 5074

Australian False Memory
             Association (Incorporated)

Australian False†Memory Association
Caring for Individuals and Families

Email the AFMA at false.memory@bigpond.com

PO Box 74
Campbelltown SA 5074

Ph: 1300 88 88 77

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